Internal linking is a big part of a winning SEO strategy. Relationships between pages/posts within the same website can play a big part when it comes to rankings in Google.

So, with this post I want to introduce to you a concept that not so many SEOs know about or use. It is called - Mini Silo.
There are 3 things that you can instantly achieve by implementing this internal linking strategy:
#1 – You will clearly indicate to Google, which is the most important page/post on your site when it comes to a specific topic
#2 – You will significantly increase rankings for the page for which you will apply the Mini Silo strategy and also this system will funnel all the traffic to that page, so you can convert more visitors to customers, followers or subscribers
#3 – You will expand the range of keywords that your website is ranking for in Google and bringing in FREE traffic.
Therefore, make sure you watch this excerpt from the P1 Port webinar training I did recently (this is the Part #1 of the Mini Silo Strategy)…
As you can see in excerpt of the webinar replay above, Mini Silo strategy is a very powerful internal linking method to significantly boost rankings in Google.
Make sure to map out the first Mini Silo on your website and stay tune for the Part #2, as this is where you learn how to add links to the Mini Silo posts, so you can seriously increase results in Google.
If you find this strategy valuable, please leave a comment below and let me know how you are going to implement this in your business. 

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