Link Building Training Course - Point Blank SEO

Here are just a handful of the modules you’ll find inside this course:
  • 1. Beginner’s Guide – New to link building or trying to train others in the art? This guide is just what you need. It’ll help anyone grasp the concepts behind what we’re doing & why we’re doing it without using any fancy lingo.
  • 2. Conducting A Campaign – Now that we understand what, it’s time for the how. This is a walkthrough, from start to finish, of a typical link building campaign.
  • 3. Strategies – Every link building strategy known to man is included here. Consider it an optimized, revamped version of my previous mega list on my blog.
  • 4. Tools – For those of you who have been building links for at least a little while, you’ve noticed how many tools there are in this industry. I give a walkthrough of each one and tell you which ones are worth your time & money.
  • 5. Advanced Section – Some of the most out-of-the-box & effective ideas you’ll ever come across. If you think there are no secrets in link building, think again.
  • 6. Actual Link Building Opportunities – Exact, high quality sites that you can get links from right now. Considering the cost of paid links these days, this section alone pays for the course.
  • 7. Blueprint For New Sites – If you’re starting from day one, then you’ll love this module.
  • 8. Ecommerce Guide – Building links for an ecommerce site? We've got you covered.
Link Building Training Course - Point Blank SEO

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